Image by Rylee Hitchner. 

Image by Rylee Hitchner

Starting in 2016, Fount will launch an annual printed publication. Quarterly 2015 Volumes are completely sold out. Fount also hosts an online blog, sharing original and inspiring content throughout the week. We also cultivate our growing community through Instagram and our Email Newsletter

Our submission forms to both our annual publication and online blog are provided below. It is of the utmost importance that we provide our readers with carefully curated content on all platforms. 


Image by Jen Huang, Published in Volume 02.

Image by Jen Huang, Published in Volume 02.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work and story that celebrates the art of being a mother. At Fount, we are committed to iconic imagery, words that dig beneath the surface, and the community that rises up when both these elements work in tandem. Below you will find an overview of what we look for in our featured content. Please review each of the following submission details carefully before sending us your work, as recent updates have been made.  


We look to feature portrait sessions that celebrate the art and wonder of motherhood. These sessions may include celebrating pregnancy, welcoming a new baby, or family portrait images that specifically highlight motherhood. 


We believe mothers add an untouchable element of warmth to our everyday. We look to feature special family recipes, unique lifestyle tutorials, and inspiration for intentionally cultivating meaningful homes and spaces. 


We look to feature powerful stories of adoption, fertility triumphs, and the vulnerable honesty that lies in the waiting. We are looking for features that provide mothers with a deep well of hope and healing in the midst of quiet struggle; and a call to celebration against all odds. 

Image by Golden Veil Photography, Published in Volume 03. 

Image by Golden Veil Photography, Published in Volume 03


- All submissions are now reviewed for both online and print publication at the time received. We do not accept any work that has already been published, nor is pending review at any other publication or submission blog. 

- Photographers may share submitted images on their own personal business website and blog. This is an updated change, as we recognize the importance of sharing your best work with your potential clients. ( After all, our founding editor is a photographer of motherhood herself! ) However please note that accepted submissions may not be submitted for additional publication or feature elsewhere. This is to protect the value of each printed Volume, as well as the exclusive integrity of The Fount Collective, providing fresh and new content for our daily readers. 

- Images must be submitted via Dropbox Link. Please provide us with the link to your folder of images as outlined in the submission form. We will not join shared folders. You must create a shareable link to your folder. Please confirm the link before sending your submission. Invalid links may cause us to move forward to other submissions in queue. Each submission should include 25-50 images, each folder and image should be labeled with the photographer's name, and images provided without any watermark. Images linked to any other gallery platform outside of Dropbox will automatically be declined in an order to protect our efficient workflow. 

- We require all images to be high resolution, and at least 1000 pixels wide. Any images accepted for print publication may be requested in an additional larger size. 

- Images should be well lit, well composed, and void of any unnecessary clutter in the background. Images should be photographed with technical excellence and skill. We prefer clean editing and post processing styles. We look for variety in the images that will help create a cohesive and visually interesting feature. 

-We accept both film and digitally photographed images. 

Image by Lauren Kinsey, Published in Volume 01.

Image by Lauren Kinsey, Published in Volume 01.


- In the same way that we are looking to feature powerfully moving images, we are equally looking to include compelling written content. We believe that elements of words and story can add great depth and meaning to a feature that our readers will relate to. Every submission will ask for not only the technical and creative contributions of the shoot, but also the story behind it. This may include the vision of the artist, a personal reflection of the individuals in the shoot, a collaboration between photographer and author, etc. We are now asking for a basic submission description, and further written details will be requested upon possible acceptance, depending on the print or online direction. 


-We are currently reviewing every submission for online publication, as our print submissions are currently closed. 

-We will only review submissions that are received through our provided submission forms. Please do not directly email a submission. 

- Due to a large number of daily submissions, we do our best to accept submissions within 14 days. If you have not received a reply from our editorial team within this time frame, there may have been an error and you are free to contact us at that time. Any submissions that do not adhere to our clearly provided guidelines will not be reviewed. 

Image by Christine Clark, published in Volume 03. 

Image by Christine Clark, published in Volume 03


F O U N T   S U B M I S S I O N   F O R M

All submissions are currently reviewed and considered for both online feature, as print submissions have closed. You should receive an update on your Submission Status within 3 weeks at the email provided. Please review our Submission FAQ & Guidelines carefully before submitting. 

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Please include applicable City, State, and Country if outside of the US.
IMPORTANT- We require a link to a DROPBOX folder in your submission. We will not joined shared folders. Please do not simply send the URL link as you see in your browser, as this will not allow us to see your images. You must create a shareable link by selecting the link icon in the top right corner of your Dropbox menu. Please confirm and test this link before your submission. Any submissions that simply include the URL link from your browser that do not work for us will now be automatically declined as we move on to other submissions. Images must be at least 1000 pixels wide for online publication. All images MUST be titled with the photographer's name.
We look to include thoughtful, detailed written content in each feature that our readers can really connect to. Please include a description of this feature here. Should the feature be accepted for online or print feature, we will work together in creating quality and meaningful written content to include.
Please list all vendors included in this feature, including their business name, website, and role of contribution as directed below.
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