Fount is a lifestyle publication devoted to the art of being a mother.  

The name Fount is grounded in the Middle English version of the word, meaning: a rise or beginning from a source, something that provides what is needed. We grew attached to this name instantly, as we believe it describes motherhood as perfectly as we hope to capture it— a source where life flows from; a deep wellspring.  We believe motherhood deserves to be celebrated, lifted higher, and beheld for the daily devotion it demands. We created this space to do just that.

Image by Blaine Siesser 



Tiffany Farley is a photographer of motherhood & family who finds home on the coast of Maine. She founded The Fount Collective with a desire to honor the art of being a mother, and build a community for those who photograph it's wonder. 



Fount originally launched in June 2014 as a submission blog exclusively for motherhood photographers. Soon after, we began releasing quarterly magazines to celebrate this art in tangible form. During this time, we desired to not only highlight motherhood portraiture but to be able to foster a close-knit community invested in seeing mothers flourish together.

In 2016, Fount will launch the first annual lifestyle publication dedicated to this expanded vision; the art of being a mother. It will feature inspirational editorials and uniquely curated stories from mothers around the world, and those still waiting to be.

At Fount, we are committed to iconic imagery, words that dig beneath the surface, and the community that rises up when both these elements work in tandem.

Welcome, we are so glad that you're here.

Founding Editor of The Fount Collective, Tiffany Farley